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Visit Our Kitchen & Bath Showroom in the Tri State Area

See for yourself what Ivacco NY Services can do for your home by visiting our bathroom and kitchen showroom. Our custom designers are happy to take you through our samples and inform you about how we can create a customized design for your house. We’re a full-service remodeling company that’s prepared to do everything from installing new appliances to updating lighting to transforming an entire room. We take pride in our work and are glad to showcase it through our kitchen and bathroom remodel pictures.

Part of the reason we group these services together is that kitchens and bathrooms need many of the same things. Both require the ability to withstand water and spills. They’re each frequently used and therefore need to be easy to clean. Plus, they’re two parts of your home that a guest is almost certain to see and use, so it’s imperative that they look their best. Our kitchen and bathroom remodel ideas are built around these perimeters so that the finished room achieves everything you need it to.

Kitchen and Bath Design Ideas in New York City

Some homeowners know exactly what they want, while others aren’t sure and are looking for recommendations. Our bath and kitchen design service is catered to both, with our associates offering as much help as you need. Not only do we handle all of the physical work of construction, but also we collaborate with you on the plans and developments beforehand. Feel free to ask us about bath and kitchen ideas for your space. We can explain what your options are and supply an estimate for each of them.

We Do Small Bathroom Designs Too

Just because your bathroom isn’t as big as a hotel’s, that doesn’t mean it can’t look like one. Our small bathroom designs are constructed with the intention of making every square inch of space count and enhancing what you have. We’ve worked with all kinds of bathrooms for more than 35 years and have every confidence that we can improve any space, no matter how small. The quality of our bathroom design and construction remains the same regardless of the project.

Whether you need new countertops and cabinets or are hoping to get your toilet and lighting in better working order, we’re the ones to call. We have licensed contractors in the fields of plumbing, electricity, HVAC, construction, and more at your service. When it comes to receiving expert design and remodeling service from us, size is no obstacle. Check out our bathroom showroom to see how we make it work.

We look forward to developing a design for you. Contact us today

Lifetime Guarantee On Most Plumbing & Electrical Repairs

We Proudly Stand Behind Every Repair!